Neeva Search Engine

 IIT grade, former Google ad-free search engine ready to build Neva

With a team of 45 in the US, Niva is planned to be released "in four and a half months", first in the US domestic market and then in the English-speaking regions of Western Europe, Australia and India.

"On one level, an ad-supported product works in an organization that shows you ads that do not serve you." With this idea in mind, IIT alumni and former Google executives Sridhar Ramaswamy and Vivek Raghunathan are ready to turn Niva into an ad-free, personalized search product that is expected to deliver customer-payment in the middle of this year and at that time. Take-first choice, growing concern over regulation controlled by tech megaliths.

"The ad design is great for bringing search to everyone on the planet, but over time, there will be more pressure on ads to show and what customers want to show. Our thesis is that we can create a better search product that focuses on the bus. Said from. The 54-year-old, who spoke on the video call, is senior vice president of advertising and commerce at Google, and also runs his own travel, shopping and search infrastructure team.

Raghunathan studied at IIT Mumbai and was previously the Vice President of Demonitization on YouTube.

Ramaswamy, a Chennai IIT graduate, said, "So this is a really broad set of experiences. Similarly, Vivek is now the first tech lead to be an Google Assistant. So we really worked on both sides of the search." So they are confident enough that they can make the technology at low cost, ”he said.

With a team of 45 in the US, Niva is planned to be released "in four and a half months", first in the US domestic market and then in the English-speaking regions of Western Europe, Australia and India. 

This product is different for people, Ramaswamy said, offering a single window for searches and queries on personal data on services such as Dropbox and email accounts. “We need to rethink core technology. And to some extent, how you crawl the web, how you index the basics, ”he says. Like Google, Niva also uses AI and machine learning to create cryptocurrencies - rankings for search.

Fearing personal data, Ramaswamy says, "We guarantee that the product and company are designed so that personal data is indexed to provide your results, nothing more ... We build a company, from scratch, customers and customers only first. It is unique. And we are very confident that we can turn this into our sole source of income. "

Niva's Blog reiterates to be ad-free, guaranteeing that "your data will not be sold in any form" and that search history will be deleted by default after 90 days. (Google default 18 months)

After 16 years at Google, Ramaswamy said he believes a very large technology platform is not healthy enough to control.  If you need to make more money, the temptation to show another ad is very strong," he said, adding that Niva is an option. "And giving this option creates a great internet‌." He is aware of the challenges that a given product can present, and must make sure that it is “excellent”. However, Ramaswamy said it was an inspiration to him. He saw and cited an example of a successful service like Dropbox in the free options segment and hopes Niva will be able to force its rivals to cut ads.

“We believe that a certain segment of the population will get value in a better product,” Ramaswamy said. And especially in the current environment, no matter how big and efficient the technology companies are, I want a simple alternative, and we hope that enough people will tell me that the service I pay for is service. What I use and it does not worry about the data yet and what is still going on. "

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